key facts

The only free, easy to read and regularly updated collection of data on the Greater Milan area, its economic structure and its real estate market.

The portal "Milano Keys Facts" is a work instrument for businesses, investors, public administrations and researchers. It collects all the information necessary so that one can know about the Greater Milan area with respect to 3 parameters: territorial indicators, productive sectors and real estate market, complemented by elaboration of qualitative trends, performance and structure of this territory.

Therefore, it offers a starting point to guide investment: what is the most dynamic area of the Greater Milan? Where can I find a fertile terrain for my business activities? In which area will my real estate investment not lose value over time?

The portal is a collaboration between Assolombarda, Milan and Monza-Brianza Chambers of Commerce, Nomisma, TeMA and FIMAA Milan and Monza-Brianza, who have joined together to ensure that data collection is available for free, constantly updated to the last data available and downloadable.


The Greater Milan includes 16 areas: the city of Milan and 11 surrounding sub-areas, and the town of Monza with 3 surrounding sub-areas. These are sub-areas of varying territorial extension, characterised by peculiar characteristics but comparable with each other. For most of the indicators, data are available at a municipal level.