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About 6.000 firms located in the Province of Milan are associated to Assolombarda, which is the largest territorial association of the entire entrepreneurial system in the country. Assolombarda is part of Confindustria (Italian Entrepreneurial Association). The associated firms operating in the province of Milan employ more than 311.000 of the 5.439.000 workers employed by member companies in the whole country.

The mission of the Association is to protect and represent the enterprises' interests in dealing with the political world, social and political organizations and local authorities as well as with trade unions.

Assolombarda also provides its associated firms with a great variety of services. Furthermore, assistance, advice and practical handbooks on many management and strategy aspects are supplied.

Firms of every size and belonging to every industrial sector, producing services, goods or both are eligible to become members of Assolombarda.

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Entrata Sede Assolombarda The structure of the associated firms is quite diversified: over 30% belong to the metal and mechanical industry, another 30% to the industrial, innovative and tourist tertiary sectors, almost 10% to the chemical sector. Also the transport industry, the business communication services and the fashion industry play a key role within the Association.

The aims of Assolombarda
As Assolombarda is an entrepreneurial Association, its main aim is to favour the development of the local industry by promoting solidarity and cooperation among its member firms and by fostering and protecting their interests when they have to face problems related to industrial, social, economic or cultural matters. 

Accordingly, the Association:
•   represents its members’common interests
•   permits the comparison between different entrepreneurial realities
•   supports management of main business functions

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