Overview of Cassa Integrazione, Dismissals and Unemployment - April 2013

Authorized hours of CIG (Area of Milan), CIG Ordinary (Assolombarda companies) and Unemployment (Italy and other countries).

In Italy the authorized hours of Cassa Integrazione Guadagni grew by 13% between January and April 2013 as compared with the same period of 2012: on the contrary, in the area of Milan the growth was lower (+5%).
In April 2013 the authorized hours of CIG in the area of Milan didn’t change in comparison with March, while increased respect to April 2012 (+44%). The increasing trend was almost due to the more intensive use of CIG Straordinaria, partly compensated by the reduction of CIG in deroga.
In April the authorized hours of CIGO of Assolombarda companies were in line with previous month, while the CIGO was increasing in the total Area of Milan.
In March 2013 the Italian unemployment rate was static at 11.5%. In the European outlook the unemployment increased in France, in Spain and, more broadly, in the Euro Area (where the rate reached 12.1%). On the contrary, in Germany the unemployment rate was stable at 5.4%. In the USA the signals of improvement of economy showed theirs effects also on the labor market: in fact, the unemployment rate kept diminishing, reaching 7.6%.

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