Assolombarda and Confindustria

Assolombarda and Confindustria

Confindustria is Italy’s leading employers’ organisation, with an overall membership of almost 150.000 businesses. The interests of its members are represented mainly through a network of local and sectorial associations.

Local associations

Local associations affiliate business members by location, represent their interests with the unions and provide support in dealing with social, economic and cultural issues. Assolombarda is the leading local association.

ConfindustriaSectorial associations

Sectorial associations affiliate business members by industrial sector and provide support within their specific area of interest.

Regional and national sectorial federations

Local and sectorial associations are in turn clustered in regional federations and national sectorial federations (such as Federmeccanica – Mechanical Industry Federation, Federchimica – Chemical Industry Federation, and Federalimentare – Food Industry Federation), which complete Confidustria’s structure.

Once a company joins Assolombarda, it automatically becomes a member of Confindustria.

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