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Territory with medium concentration of productive activities, specialised in manufacturing. Small-sized real estate market with increasing sales for the industrial buildings and decreasing for the offices, referring to the average of the previous three-year period. The market of purchases and sales is less dynamic  than the average of total area for offices (yearly turnover 1,6%) and in line with for industrial buildings (yearly turnover 0,6%). Higher prices than the average for offices in decentralized area and for new buildings.

Presence of enterprises (HY1 2017)                                               Medium density of active businesses (106 per km²).


Evolution of the production structure (2014-2017)                                                                                        For manufacturing and transport/storage, growth of local business unit with drop in employees. For trade, drop in local units with growth of employees. Downturn for Construction for local units and employees.
Productive specialisation (HY1 2017) Extraction of minerals; Manufacturing.
Surface area occupied by Industrial Warehouses (HY1 2017) About 1.2 million square meters, equal to 15% of the total of Monza-Brianza area.
Purchase and sales of Industrial Warehouses (2016) 5 sales recorded, equal to 18% of the territory of Monza-Brianza area. The average of previous three-year period is equal to 15 sales.
Price of new Industrial Warehouses (HY1 2017; euro/sqm; annual change) Broadly steady average price: 898 euro/sqm (-0.2%).


Evolution of the production structure (2014-2017)                                                                                                                  Expansion for local business unit and employees for all services sector (accommodation/catering, information and communication services, professional activities, real estate services, business support services, healthcare and social work).
Productive specialization (HY1 2017) Accommodation and catering services; Financial-insurance activities; Arts entertainment and recreation; Healthcare and social work; Education.
Surface area occupied by Offices (HY1 2017) About 250,000 square meters, equal to 12% of the total of Monza-Brianza area.
Purchases and sales of Offices (2016) 16 sales recorded, equal to 8% of the territory of the Monza-Brianza area. The average of the previous three-year period is equal to 17 sales
Price of Offices (HY1 2017; euro/sqm; annual change)

In central locations: broadly steady average price (1,422 euro/sqm; -0.2%).
In decentralised locations: broadly steady average price (1,346 euro/sqm; -0.2%).


Low accessibility both on an overall level, and for individual modal categories (consistent with the population density/employees, also lower than average and with higher population density), relative to the provision for inadequate infrastructures and to the low level of the offer of public transport services, and the decentred location – although quite advantageous, with respect to the airport system.

Accessibility (total, road, rail and airports)

Low values for the indicators of accessibility, both on an overall level, and for each modal category. Intermediate values for airport system.
Correlation between accessibility and population/employees density Overall accessibility and employees density both below average. Population density above average.



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